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Wills & Legacies

Nearly 74%* of people in the UK support charities during their lifetime but only 7%* include a charity in their will. If the number of wills made to include a charity increased by 4%, it would result in £1 billion more each year to the sector. That is £1 billion that we could all make very good use of!

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AF Association have a vision, to provide help and support to anyone and everyone whose life is affected by atrial fibrillation. Please help us achieve this vision by leaving a gift to AF Association  in your Will.

As a charity, we need your support for our continued work. We are grateful for any size donation, whether it is a stated amount in your Will or any size of percentage from your residual estate. Making a Will is the most important way of ensuring your money and possessions pass to those that you wish to benefit. 

"In making a legacy gift, you know you will continue to help others who need your help, long after you’re gone.”

If you would like further information about leaving a legacy in your Will, please email or call 01789 451 837.