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Heart Rhythm Week 2015, 1-7 June

Detect, Protect, Correct


Join hundreds of supporters across the UK and help raise awareness and promote better understanding of AF.
Together, we can work to secure early diagnosis and improve outcomes for the many millions of people across the globe affected by AF.

Detect AF with a simple pulse check

Protect from AF-related stroke with anticoagulation, not aspirin

Correct if treatment is not effective, review and refer for specialist support

Heart Rhythm Week provides a platform for individuals, groups, organisations and healthcare professionals to come together to raise awareness of AF.

Did you know?

- 1 in 4 people over the age of 40 will develop AF
- AF causes 1 in 5 strokes and increases the risk of dementia risk by 50%
- A simple pulse check is the easiest way to detect AF

What can I do?

Whether you are working, learning or playing, there are many ways to get involved in Heart Rhythm Week!

1. Give information to your friends and family

2. Display information in your local community by organising an awareness display in your local medical centre, nursery, hospital or leisure centre

3. Share your story for Heart Rhythm Week. Heart Rhythm Week generates a lot of media interest nationally, regionally as well as locally by you. If you think you could help, share your story

4. Volunteer your time and support a pulse check day in your local leisure centre, clinic or workplace

5. Bake cakes to sell at school, work or in your own home to raise funds for AF Association

How can I get involved?

It’s easy! Download resources from the dedicated Heart Rhythm Week website.

For further support on Heart Rhythm Week, contact Sara Newbold. / 01789 867 501.

Don’t forget to send in your photos!

The best photos from Heart Rhythm Week will be featured on the AF Association website and newsletter.


Heart Rhythm Week 2014

In Heart Rhythm Week 2014, we worked alongside our sister charity, Arrhythmia Alliance, to celebrate ten years of progress in arrhythmia care.

Heart Rhythm Week 2014 aimed to educate and celebrate the amazing progress that has been made across arrhythmia technology, resources, and policy guidelines. Good news patient stories have illustrated the changes.


Heart Rhythm Week 2013

Thank you to hundreds of supporters across the UK and beyond who helped us to raise awareness and promote better understanding of AF during Heart Rhythm Week.

Heart Rhythm Week provides a platform for individuals, groups, organisations and healthcare professionals to come together to raise awareness of AF. One of the main objectives of Hearts & Goals 2013 was to raise awareness of the importance of pulse checks in screening for AF.

Here are just some of the amazing events from last year:


Colin Smith's bake off!

Many congratulations to Colin Smith from Blackrod who raised £105.00 through his Heart Rhythm Week bake sale.

The event was such a success that Colin is now looking to start up a baking club.



Julia's tea, cakes and Spanish horses

Business woman Julia Alemany-Bird held a 'tea, cakes and Spanish horses' afternoon and raised £60 for the AF Association on Saturday 8th June after recovering from AF.

The afternoon included pulse check demonstrations, Spanish music, Spanish horses and a raffle.



Over 1,000 ECGs taken at Jersey Hospital!

Jersey's General Hospital was inundated with people getting the heart check using a new mobile device. Instead of rigging patients up an ECG machine, Jersey Hospital trialled a new iPhone heart monior which you just place your fingers on, called AliveCor.

They even featured in the Jersey Evening Post!


Olympic gold medallist raises awareness of AF

Tom James featured on ITV's Day Break alongside AF Association Trustee, Professor Richard Schilling. Tom spoke about his experience with AF when he was training for the London 2012 Olympics.

Watch interview


AF screening in Scotland

Shona Fraser and her team from NHS Highland Heartbeat Centre, Raigmore Hospital held a week long awareness display and promoted pulse checks to the public.

Shona demonstrated how to check your pulse in this film they produced,

Watch video


Tachyarrhythmias spotted at Harrogate Hospital

Harrogate District held an awareness stand in the front entrance and main restaurant of the hospital. Emma Edgar and her cardiac team talked about the importance of knowing their own pulse to the public.

Using the new iPhone AliveCor Heart Monitor technology they successfully screening 70 people and detected two tachyarrhytmias for follow up during their awareness event.


Pulse checks in County Durham

Dr Andreas Wolff, who is a member of the AF Association's Medical Advisory Committee, held an awareness event at Whinfield Surgery in County Durham. Staff also carried out pulse checks using the AliveCor Heart Monitor and informed the patients on the importance of knowing your pulse.



Heart checks at Royal Surrey Hospital

Cardiologist Philippa Howlett and CRM Research Nurse Laura Greswell successful completed 63 heart checks during Heart Rhythm Week.

Patients were screened using the AliveCor heart monitor. Two patients were diagnosed with AF and two with left bundle branch block.

We need your feedback

Please spare a couple of minutes to fill out a short survey and tell us how we can make Heart Rhythm Week 2014 even better!

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