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AFA publish a range of single A4, AF Topic sheets each covering an AF related subject. To download or print, please click on the following:

Medical papers and research data has been kindly submitted to AFA by AF specialists.

    A Year in AF - 2014     order download
    Ablation of the Atrioventricular Node and Pacemaker Implantation     order download
    Anti-Arrhythmic Drugs     order download
    Atrial Fibrillation and Anticoagulation - Challenges and Considerations       download
    Blood Thinning     order download
    Care Pathways for AF and Atrial Flutter
    order download
    Focus on AF     order download
    Guidance on QOF     order download
    Healthcare Pioneers     order download
    Primary Care Pathways     order download
    Rate versus Rhythm     order download
    Seeking Patients in AF     order download