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Cardiac Update Meetings

For Medical Professionals

*CPD approval is applied for with the Royal College of Physicians*

Click here to download a registration form.

Our cardiac update meetings are for all healthcare professionals involved in the management and treatment of arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation. These meetings provide a platform for education, as well as sharing best practice and information on topics such as device and drug treatments, atrial fibrillation and syncope. In addition these meetings are an opportunity to network locally with healthcare professionals in all areas of cardiac service provision, academic institutions and professional bodies.

For 2014 the agenda covers topics such as:

  • Detecting AF and how to protect against the risk of stroke

  • An update and evaluation on remote follow up

  • Quality of life and psychological aspects of care

  • Case study session on palpitations, catheter ablation and POTS

Click here to view the draft agenda. Please note: agendas may vary by location.

Location Date Venue Agenda
Cambridge Friday 7 November The British Racing School View
Plymouth Monday 17 November Plymouth Science Park View

The full list of locations we intend to visit with our 2014 cardiac update meeting series are detailed on the below map:


Thank you to our sponsors who have purchased exhibition stand space: