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Information booklets and checklists

AF Association produces a range of resources for patients and carers including booklets, checklists and factsheets. All materials published have been approved by AF Association's Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) and endorsed by the Department of Health. Our resources are updated regularly to take account of developments in the field of AF.

Most of the booklets below are also available as hard copies. Where hard copies are not available, a pdf version will be sent to you via email. Please call 01789 867502 for further information.

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 Ablation for AF

This resource discusses the different types of ablation surgeries, such as open-heart and minimally invasive surgical ablations. The booklet also covers what to expect after the procedure and who would benefit from undergoing the groundbreaking surgery.

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AF: Accessing appropriate treatment options

This booklet contains all the tools necessary to help patients gain access to appropriate treatment options and, where necessary, explains how to appeal decisions which may prevent this from happening.

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AF patient information

A booklet explaining what atrial fibrillation is, some of the possible causes and triggers for AF attacks and guidance on how to manage the condition.

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Atrial Fibrillation and You

A booklet explaining how atrial fibrillation affects different aspects of your lifestyle management.

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Atrial flutter patient information

This patient resource explains the causes, symptoms and risks of the heart rhythm disorder atrial flutter, and how it is treated.

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AF drug information

An information booklet which categorises the range of drugs used to treat Atrial Fibrillation and explains how each type of drug works to try to combat AF or its symptoms.

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Cardioversion and AF

A detailed information booklet explaining what cardioversion is, which patients may be suitable for this treatment, and what the procedure involves.

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Patient and primary care checklist

This document is designed to help newly diagnosed patients or those suspected of having Atrial Fibrillation or Atrial Flutter, understand the condition and feel at ease with the tests and treatments you may be offered.

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AF checklist

A checklist intended to help a patient collate his / her full information, medial history and questions the patient may have, when attending an appointment with a cardiologist or electrophysiologist.

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The heart, the pulse and the electrocardiograph

An information booklet which explains how the heart is monitored and how clinicians interpret recordings of these data.

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 Frequently asked questions

This information booklet answers questions about the nature of atrial fibrillation from diagnosis to AF-related stroke risk.

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Preventing AF-related stroke: anticoagulation

This booklet explains the possible ways of preventing AF-related stroke through using anticoagulation.

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