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AF Association patient information factsheets

All patient information factsheets published by AF Association have been approved by AF Association's Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) and endorsed by the Department of Health. Our resources are updated regularly to take account of developments in the field of AF.

Some of the factsheets below are also available in hard copy. Where hard copies are not available, a pdf version will be sent to you via email. Please call 01789 867502 for further information.

All rights reserved.

AF and heart failure Read more
AF-related stroke Read more
Amiodarone Read more
Anticoagulant Alert Card Read more
Anticoagulation and AF
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Anticoagulation and self-monitoring Read more
Apixaban Read more
AF and Aspirin: Frequently asked questions
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Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Read more
Atrial Flutter Read more
Being a NICE patient expert Read more
Beta blockers Read more
Cardioversion Read more
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
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Digoxin Read more
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Ectopic Heartbeats Read more
Edoxaban Read more
Flecainide Read more
Heparin Read more
Miniature insertable cardiac monitor (ICM) system Read more
Pacemaker and AV-Node Ablation Read more
Pill-In-The-Pocket cardioversion
Read more
Rate Limiting Calcium Channel Blockers Read more
Rate versus Rhythm Management Read more
Rivaroxaban Read more
Transcatheter Closure of the Left Atrial Appendage Read more
Warfarin therapy
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Warfarin and diet
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Warfarin and other medication Read more
What is a Clinical Trial? Read more
What is a Consent Form? Read more
What does Randomisation mean? Read more